5 top brand blogs that you can actually learn from

Reading is the short cut

I used to think brand blogs are just another marketing tactic. Well..most blogs are all about promoting their own products. However, some of the biggest brands have the resources, scale, and less-fear-of-losing-competitive-advantages to share some of the most-proven strategies and insights. I found a lot of gems among those and thought I would share them here.

Your thought is influenced by the information you consume. So…choose what you read wisely, and maybe start with the ones below?

Marketing & Strategy

With Google’s access to data and people connections, you will not find the typical ‘best practices’ where you see elsewhere. Instead, get ready to be inspired and put on your thinking hat.


It’s rare and inspirational to see a team create their own blog under the company name. Spotify design team’s blog is well-designed (ha) and very tactical. I’ve found stuff that’s helpful to me and I immediately used in my work, even though I am not a designer. The blog is still newish, more to come.


You will be surprised about how much you don’t know about ‘how to work’.


Tableau gallery is an ocean of creativity. For me, it’s truly is like browsing an art gallery for inspiration. A super valuable resource for analysts, content marketers, and designers.

Business Growth

This is not only for startup founders. If you want business growth or your job is to help a business grow, you will be overwhelmed at the amount of helpful advice from business veterans that have seen hundreds of real-world business case studies.

“Read more” is always somewhere on the list of advice people give to others. Why I think it is important is that reading is a shortcut: why would you do trial & error yourself, if someone else has already done it 100 times and can tell you what they learned. So…maybe start with the ones above?

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