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And how to collect feedback to improve them.

A man looking down at a dashboard.
A man looking down at a dashboard.

“You cannot manage what you cannot measure. “

— Peter F. Drucker


Tree Chart with Hierarchical Data in D3


Make your teams fall in love with A/B testing


The solution

  1. Transform the sort_key and the original output into data frames.
import pandas as pd sort_key=['Apple','Alphabet','Microsoft','Samsung','Huawei','IBM','Facebook','Cisco Systems','HP Inc.','Intel','Dell','Xiaomi','Oracle','SAP','Hitachi','Salesforce','Uber']data=['Apple','Alphabet','Cisco Systems','Dell','Facebook','Hitachi','HP Inc.','Huawei','IBM','Intel','Microsoft','Oracle','Salesforce','Samsung','SAP','Uber','Xiaomi']ranking=[2,1,12,20,10,29,15,6,8,19,4,25,35,5,27,37,24]df_key=pd.DataFrame({'key':sort_key})df=pd.DataFrame({'name':data,'ranking':ranking})

view the live dashboard and template here
  1. We use the formula below to adjust the previous year’s dates to this years with DOW…

French Deliveroo April Fools’ Day Campaign Backfires
  1. To make some buzz and build brand awareness
Tinder April Fools’ Campaign
SodaStream April Fools’ Campaign
Google April Fools’ Campaign

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