AdPorn #3— Know your audience (and their state of mind)

We all know it’s important to ‘know your audience’ when running campaigns, from it also comes audience segmentation, campaign personalization, etc.

But something else important is at play, it is your audience’s state of mind when they see your ad.

People watching the Superbowl (and are very likely half-drunk) are not in the mood to watch a TV ad that goes through the functionalities of AWS. Instead, they want something fun and exciting related to the brand. In contrast, people browsing on LinkedIn are thinking of job-related things and are likely looking for content helpful to their job, e.g. why they should tell their boss to buy cloud storage from AWS instead of Google Cloud.

The same person, on these two different platforms, is in a completely different state of mind. It’s important your ads are fitting and customized to that.

So…what do you think of these two ads on Reddit?



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