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  • Stanford Magazine

    Stanford Magazine

    Highlights and extras from Stanford's alumni magazine.

  • Daniel Wieser

    Daniel Wieser

    Author, Entrepreneur, Genius Mastermind

  • Hasan Basri Akçay

    Hasan Basri Akçay

    Data Scientist | 🥈 Kaggle Master | Master Degree on AI,

  • Simon O'Regan

    Simon O'Regan

    Product, Data, Design. Writing: Newsletter:

  • Zoe Chew

    Zoe Chew

    Built 11+ MVPs. Founder: Analyzing Consumer Tech & Platforms. On Deck ODF10. Product advisor US/APAC 👉About me:

  • Herbert Lui

    Herbert Lui

    Covering the psychology of creative work for content creators, professionals, hobbyists, and independents. Author of Creative Doing:

  • Benoit Pimpaud

    Benoit Pimpaud

    Full Stack Data Scientist. Twitter @Ben8t. 👀 From An Engineer Sight: a periodic about data-science, engineering, and design:

  • Nick Wolny

    Nick Wolny

    Senior Editor, NextAdvisor/TIME. VIP Contributor @ Entrepreneur, Fast Company. Research-minded content on behavior, media, & online business.

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