How to Measure a Brand

Two metrics to measure brand awareness and brand equity

Brand measurement is a sore subject to me, and most brand marketers I think; because it’s nearly impossible to find a metric to the precision we want to measure it. Not being able to quantify can make it hard to prove the value of your work, especially to non-believers in the power of brand.

Brand Awareness: Organic Searches

When people learn a new brand, through word-of-mouth or Instagram ads, they go search for it, and that is brand awareness. Organic search is a simple yet effective proxy of how many people recognize your brand. You should see it increase over time as your brand grow.

Brand Equity: Price Elasticity of Demand

Brand equity is what makes a customer’s choice of your brand instinctive, a “no-brainer”, the decision is made outside the realm of conscious awareness. A good proxy of brand equity reflected in customer actions is the price elasticity of demand, measuring the sensitivity of demand to price.

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