Just Finished My First Wooble — A Beginner’s Experience

3 min readSep 10, 2023

I was introduced to the Woobles when my colleague brought these cuties to the office.

Of course, I was wooing and ahhing over how cute these crochet animals were, and honestly, how impressed I was at my colleague for being able to create these creatures. LIKE HOW?!

So when we came across the Woobles kit in a local crochet store, we got one for my husband to try a new hobby.

Of course, life gets in the way, for 3 months, the kit just sits there.

Then yesterday, wanting to take a break from my laptop, as well as trying something new, I opened the kit.

A full day later, I created Bjorn thee Narwhal!

The sense of accomplishment was through the roof.

The Endorphin was so high I want to show this to everyone & anyone (Maybe that’s why I am writing this post!)

It’s the best feeling ever!

Is it hard? Is it worth the money?

I love listicles- so let’s look at the list of pros and cons of Woobles.


  • Easier than you think. The step-by-step instructions are easy to understand.
  • Like a meditation, it clears your head. Get you away from your daily life.
  • Doesn’t take long from start to finish. It took me about 5–6 hours to finish this beginner one.
  • Everything you need is in the kit. Think of all the benefits of a meal kit but for crochet.


  • Posture. I got a stiff neck because I was crocheting in a fixed position for too long. You have to figure out a good posture to start with as you will be so focused that you will forget to move around.
  • Cost. I am not talking about the cost of one individual kit, which is around $30. Cost is a con because you would definitely want to buy more after the first one. I already placed a second order.
  • Web Instruction. I hope there’s a paper instruction so I can do a real digital detox.
  • They do have a Crochet book though I’ve added to cart!
Woobles Crochet book


I placed a second order, to buy more accessories to crochet hats for my guinea pigs (lol).

I love Woobles.

Other than the product itself, the business is smart.

It’s the Lego of crochet, a beginner-friendly option for the masses.

Customers are motivated to spread the word by showing off what they just created.

They can do licensing collabs with movies & games, like the Pac-Man.

Finally, it’s a business started by this husband and wife power duo who left their corporate jobs to start this — my American dream.




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