A Spotify Playlist for Every Marketer

A playlist for every task

Marketing is a multifaceted role. Whether you are in brand, growth, design, or analytics, you rarely do one type of work each day. Designers sometimes do analysis, analysts sometimes do slide decks…

The dilemma we face (well…at least I have faced) if you are in the habit of listening to music when doing work as I do, is we have to constantly switch between music depends on the work we do at that moment. A pop song might work for creating decks but is too distracting for doing analysis that requires deeper focus.

Good news: I have curated and tested 4 Spotify playlists for you, each tailored for a type of task a marketer usually does.

For Content Creation Mode: Jazz & Chill


For Design & Creative Mode: Pop & Lush


For Slide Decks Mode: R&B & Uplifting


For Analysis Mode: Classical & Fluid


Have you listened to them? Do they work for you? Drop me a note and let me know what you think!

P.S. You can find all the playlists at Good Marketing Club on Spotify.

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