The Best Dupe for the Peace Out Acne Patches

#Dupealert is a series highlighting our favorite beauty dupes at beautydupes. These are products comparable in results but differ in prices and other qualities. We are giving you all the info, but you should go for whatever suits your preferences.

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This post is personal. I’ve tried nearly all the acne patches on the market. Many don’t do anything other than making you not pick at pimples as much by covering them up. But the ones that do work are miraculous. You know those zits that won’t pop or about to pop and you are afraid to do so because it might leave a scar, good acne patches shrink those zits by sucking the sebum out (sorry for being too graphic). When you take the patches off after a 6-hour+ session, you can see the sebum stick to the patches, your pimples are flat and not painful anymore, the world is beautiful again.

I have to say that the Peace Out Acne Patches and the Rael Miracle Patch work equally well. The price point of the former is just not sustainable as one gets through these acne patches pretty quickly. You will know where the $$ goes when you get the Peace Out Acne Patches on your hand (hint: not so much the product itself, the Vitamin A and Aloe Vera in its ingredient lists are not active ingredients). So unless you are a big fan of the✌️ and cannot live without it on your acne patches’ packaging, just get these Rael* Miracle Patches, the dots come in various sizes as well.

Peace Out Acne Patches vs. Rael Miracle Patch

P.S. Rael also has these bigger size acne patches for clusters of pimples — highly recommended!

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