AdPorn #1 — ft. Pornhub

90% of everything is crap — let’s only look at the good stuff!

1 min readMay 30, 2020


Let’s start this series with an actual Ad Porn (but actually clean). Pornhub’s ‘Wank-from-home’ ad for International Masturbation day, giving everyone a ‘friendly reminder’ that could be very helpful.

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It hit several good advertising principles:

  • Relevancy: many people are working from home and on conference calls — immediately grabbing people’s attention.
  • Funny and memorable: people actually want to watch.
  • Provided helpful information: very helpful indeed.
  • Asked no one to buy: but the brand name will stick and it will be one of the first brands you remember when you want to buy.
  • Authenticity: it could happen.




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