What is Marketing?

When you say you are in marketing…

Your parents think you do this.

Your friends think you do this.

Your niece and nephew think you do this.

Yes, those are all marketing. But still, what is marketing?

1. Marketing is about getting your brand and products in front of the right people.

Spotify Wrapped

2. Marketing is about creating strong, positive, emotional, long-lasting memories with your brand.

Memories of building LEGO with parents/children

3. Marketing acts as a trigger of those memories to make customers' choice of a brand instinctive.

Coca-Cola dramatizes memories of the first sip
LEGO® Advert: Let’s Build — LEGO brings father and son closer

4. Marketing is the spokesperson for customers in a company.

5. Marketing keeps your company together with the same mission, so all customer touchpoints are harmonized.

Glossier’s Community-Led Marketing Strategy

What is marketing to you?



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