Why I Moved My Blog from Squarespace to Ghost

Good Marketing Club

1. Customization Flexibility

I decided to look for a Squarespace alternative when I couldn’t make my D3.js visualization display on Squarespace. Squarespace doesn’t allow you access to your site’s server, meaning there are limitations in advanced customization, and you can only build your site to the extent they allow you to — you are at their mercy!

2. Membership + Monetization

Squarespace is not built for community building, in some way it tries to be everything to everyone and ends up being average in every aspect.

My Member-only Posts

3. Site Speed + SEO

There have been rumors around Squarespace’s bad SEO, I’ve also seen articles defending it. My sequential A/B testing, with the same domain and same content, before and after I moved from Squarespace to Ghost, can testify to the improvement in site speed and SEO (finally got some organic traffic!).

Ghost SEO settings

4. Writing Experience

Ghost’s editor is similar to Medium’s. It’s easy to write in, add images, and have just enough styling options. While Squarespace has drag and drops, which is easier for site building, the writing experience is sub-par.

Ghost post editor
Ghost Alternative



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