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Good Email #1 —Perfect Timing!

  • Intriguing — I want to open it.
  • Relevant — I don’t question why I received it.
  • Helpful — The design and copy clear communicates the message I should care about.
  • All the 3 above at the moment I received it — because it’s something I need to know at the time, not later.

The most-talked-about segmentations, personalizations, email a/b testings are tactics to make an email good, not the goals.

My favorite emails are the ones that make me think ‘ it’s like you read my mind’! For example, Sephora’s ‘time to restock’ email.

Sephora’s ‘Restock-your-stash’ email.
Sephora’s ‘Restock-your-stash’ email.

Let’s run through the list. The email is:

✅ Intriguing — Familiar product names in the subject line.

✅ Relevant — I bought the product a month ago.

✅ Helpful — Remind me to restock the product if I liked it and the CTA directly lead me to the product page.

✅ Sent at the perfect time — Very likely I would have almost finished the product and likely to convert through the email.

This is a great email that every consumer brand can and should try out.

How? Estimate each product’s time to finish, timestamp each purchase, tokenize the product in the subject line and email body, set up email automation, set a limit to the number of this type of email a person can receive weekly. Voila!

P.S. I would love to hear from you on what are some of the best emails you’ve seen!

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